Question: Has Leonardo DiCaprio Won An Oscar Yet?

Which actor has won the most Oscars?

Katharine HepburnKatharine Hepburn holds the distinction of winning the most Oscars for acting, with four Academy Awards and a total of 12 nominations.

Hepburn won for her roles in the films Morning Glory (1933), Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967), The Lion in Winter (1968) and On Golden Pond (1981)..

How old was Leonardo DiCaprio when he did Titanic?

22 years oldAt the time of filming Titanic in 1996, teen idol Leonardo DiCaprio was 22 years old, and British born Kate Winslet was 21 years old.

Did Leonardo DiCaprio hurt his hand in Django?

Los Angeles: Actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s hand got injured while he was shooting a scene for his upcoming movie Django Unchained. The 38-year-old was supposed to hit his hand a number of times on a table. But, while doing so, he accidentally smashed his hand on a crystal glass. … However, the actor did not stop shooting.

Did anyone win an Oscar for Titanic?

It was the second film to win eleven Academy Awards, after Ben-Hur. … Titanic won the 1997 Academy Award for Best Original Song, as well as three Grammy Awards for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television.

When did Leonardo DiCaprio win his first Oscar?

Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won his first Oscar for survival epic The Revenant, after six nominations. He was named best actor at the 88th Academy Awards, with Brie Larson named best actress for Room.

Is Titanic a true story?

You probably already knew that Jack and Rose, the main characters in the 1997 movie Titanic, weren’t real. … Like all films “based on a true story,” the movie added its own fictional elements to historical events.

How long did it take Leonardo DiCaprio to win an Oscar?

12 yearsAmey Sharma, Avid viewer and follower of the Oscars AKA the Academy Awards! Originally Answered: Why did it took 6 long years for Leonardo Di Caprio to be awarded? It actually took 12 years. 6 is the number of Oscar nominations he received after finally winning one last night.

What awards has Leonardo DiCaprio not won?

10 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Didn’t Win An OscarWhat’s Eating Gilbert Grape? ( 1993) (Photo: Giphy.) … Titanic (1997) (Photo: Tumblr.) … Catch Me If You Can (2002) (Photo: Tumblr.) … The Aviator (2004) (Photo: Tumblr) … Shutter Island (2010) (Photo: Tumblr) … Wolf of Wall Street (2014) (Photo: Tumblr)

Who beat Leonardo DiCaprio for Oscar Titanic?

‘Titanic’ (1997) While there is arguably no Rose without Jack, Kate Winslet won for Best Actress and the flim, nominated 14 times, took home 11 gold statues at the 70th Academy Awards. Leo wasn’t nominated for his performance.

What film won the most Oscars?

Most awardsBen-Hur (1959) – 15 categories available for nomination; nominated for 12.Titanic (1997) – 17 categories available for nomination; nominated for 14.The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) – 17 categories available for nomination; nominated for 11.

Did my heart will go on win an Oscar?

“My Heart Will Go On” won the 1998 Academy Award for Best Original Song. It dominated the 1999 Grammy Awards, winning Record of the Year — marking the first time to be won by a Canadian — Song of the Year, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television.

What movie beat out Titanic?

Avengers: Endgame has beaten Titanic to become the second highest grossing film of all time, with a whopping $2.189 billion (£1.666 billion).

Why did Leonardo DiCaprio not win an Oscar for Titanic?

When Leo didn’t win an Oscar for Titanic, he lost for life. This isn’t because Titanic was his best performance, or even his best role. … Cameron wasn’t even nominated for the Oscar for writing Titanic, even though the film was nominated for (and won) most of the rest.

What movies has Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar for?

He won the Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, BAFTA Award, and Academy Award for Best Actor In A Leading Role for his portrayal of Hugh Glass in the 2015 film The Revenant.

Why did Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar?

Leonardo won Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in The Revenant, and his Oscar acceptance speech was certainly one for the record books. … Making The Revenant was about man’s relationship to the natural world.

What 11 Oscars did Titanic win?

The winners were announced during the awards ceremony on March 23, 1998. With eleven awards, Titanic tied with Ben-Hur for the most Academy Awards in Oscar history. It also became the first film to win Best Picture without a screenwriting nomination since 1965’s The Sound of Music.

Who is the best actor in the world?

Top 10 Best Actors In The WorldRobert De Niro. Actor | Raging Bull. … Al Pacino. Actor | Serpico. … Mammootty. Actor | Mathilukal. … Tom Hanks. Producer | Cast Away. … Denzel Washington. Actor | Fences. … Michael Caine. Actor | The Prestige. … Morgan Freeman. Actor | Invictus. … Leonardo DiCaprio. Actor | Inception.More items…•