Question: How Do You Spell Hole?

What is a hole in the wall?

hole in the wall.

A small, modest, or obscure place, as in My new apartment is just a hole in the wall, or Believe it or not, that little hole in the wall is a great restaurant.

This graphic term is often used disparagingly.


What is called whole number?

Any of the numbers {0, 1, 2, 3, …} etc. There is no fractional or decimal part. And no negatives. Example: 5, 49 and 980 are all whole numbers. Whole Numbers and Integers.

Is wholly a real word?

Wholly is an adverb that means “entirely.” If a story is wholly inaccurate, no part of it is true. Do you like to do things the whole way or whole hog, refusing any halfhearted attempts? Then wholly is your kind of word — it means completely, totally, or to the full extent.

How do you use the word whole?

Whole is a determiner. We use whole before nouns and after other determiners (my, the, a/an, their) to talk about quantity. We use it to describe the completeness of something: I’ve wanted to be an actor my whole life.

Is it hole or whole?

“Hole” is usually a noun and refers to an empty space or gap in an object. “Whole” is usually an adjective or adverb and refers to being complete.

How do you spell whole?

adjectivecomprising the full quantity, amount, extent, number, etc., without diminution or exception; entire, full, or total: He ate the whole pie. … containing all the elements properly belonging; complete: We have a whole set of antique china.undivided; in one piece: to swallow a thing whole.

How do you spell family?

Correct spelling for the English word “Family” is [fˈamɪli], [fˈamɪli], [f_ˈa_m_ɪ_l_i] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What means hole?

noun. an opening through something; gap; aperture: a hole in the roof; a hole in my sock. a hollow place in a solid body or mass; a cavity: a hole in the ground.

How do you spell hole in one?

nounholes-in-one A shot that enters the hole from the tee with no intervening shots.

What is the meaning of whole hole?

‘Hole’ and ‘whole’ are homonyms that are often confused for each other. ‘Hole’ is a noun that refers to a hollow place. … ‘Whole’ can be a noun referring to something that is complete, but is more commonly used as an adjective describing a noun that is complete.

What does PAR mean?

equality in valuean equality in value or standing; a level of equality: The gains and the losses are on a par. an average, usual, or normal amount, degree, quality, condition, standard, or the like: above par; to feel below par. Golf. the number of strokes set as a standard for a specific hole or a complete course. Finance.

What is an eagle in golf?

An eagle usually occurs when a golfer hits the ball far enough to reach the green with fewer strokes than expected. It most commonly happens on par-fives but can occur on short par-fours. A hole in one on a par-three hole also results in an eagle.