Question: Who Was The Drummer Of The Doors?

Why didn’t the doors have a bass player?

Robby Krieger played guitar.

Jim Morrison sang.

That was it, and the guys have explained that the lack of a bass guitarist freed up sonic space and helped the group distinguish their sound from other late ’60s bands.

Of course, the Doors hadn’t always been bass-less..

Why the doors are overrated?

The Doors were the most overrated band of their era, if not of all time. They were self-regarding, overblown pseudo-hippies that appeared interesting largely because their singer was either drunk or on acid, or both. … I don’t dispute the band’s influence on some terrific performers, from Iggy Pop to Patti Smith.

How many number one songs did the doors have?

Their debut album, The Doors (1967), released by Elektra Records, charted at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200 and produced the group’s most successful single, “Light My Fire”….The Doors discographyCompilation albums21Singles21Soundtrack albums2Videos245 more rows

How did the doors influence music?

No one ever asked them to change their name, let alone change the world of music. … The Doors altered music with its radical sound and honest lyrics– an attitude embodied by current bands including The Airborne Toxic Event.

Did the doors do drugs?

Morrison’s drug of choice was cocaine. He didn’t like heroin, saying it made him sick. Pam however, preferred heroin, and the the two argued about this, as he didn’t want her using it.

What is Whiskey a Go Go?

January 16, 1964. Website. Whisky a Go Go is a nightclub in West Hollywood, California. It is located at 8901 Sunset Boulevard on the Sunset Strip, corner North Clark Street, opposite North San Vicente Boulevard, northwest corner.

Are any of the original doors still alive?

Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger are the band’s only surviving members. Morrison died in 1971 and keyboardist Ray Manzarek passed in 2013.

How much is Ray Manzarek worth?

Ray Manzarek had a net worth of $25 million dollars at the time of his death.

Who wrote most of the Doors songs?

KriegerAnd it was actually Krieger who penned many of the Doors’ greatest songs and biggest hits, including “Light My Fire,” “Love Me Two Times” and “Touch Me.” Remarkably, when Krieger joined the Doors in 1965 he was only 18 years old and had been playing guitar for just two years—electric guitar a mere six months.

Who were the doors influenced by?

The inspiration for switching to guitar came not from rock ‘n’ roll, but Spanish flamenco music. His first guitar hero, however, was jazz legend Wes Montgomery. After Morrison’s death in 1971, Krieger, Manzarek and Densmore carried on as a trio.

Why did the doors get fired from the whiskey?

On August 21, 1966, Jim Morrison didn’t show up for The Doors gig at the Whisky a Go Go. After playing the first set without him, the band retrieved Morrison from his apartment, where he had been tripping on acid. … Mother, I want to f–k you!” The crowd went nuts, but the band was fired right after the show.

Why are the doors so good?

The Doors were perhaps one of the most unconventional Los Angeles bands of the 1960s because they didn’t fit into the surf-music scene or the folk-rock craze. Influenced more by jazz than folk music, it was a hard-edged band, led by Morrison’s vocals and Manzarek’s soaring organ riffs. The Doors were musical loners.

What was the doors biggest hit?

Track listingNo.TitleOriginal album1.”Hello, I Love You”Waiting for the Sun (1968)2.”Light My Fire”The Doors (1967)3.”People Are Strange”Strange Days (1967)4.”Love Me Two Times”Strange Days1 more row

What was the doors first number 1 hit?

Light My FireBy the beginning of 1967, The Doors were well-established members of the Los Angeles music scene.

Did the doors ever meet the Beatles?

The Beatles did not know the Doors. They thought of them as being an upcoming band back then from the little they knew about them… Kaiser T, MD.

Who are the surviving members of The Doors?

Robby Krieger and John Densmore, the two remaining living Doors members, came together February 12, 2016 to honor Ray Manzarek called “A Celebration For Ray Manzarek.”

How old is John Densmore of the Doors?

75 years (December 1, 1944)John Densmore/Age

What genre is Pink Floyd?

Progressive rockArt rockExperimental rockPsychedelic popPink Floyd/Genres

Are the doors in the Hall of Fame?

1993The Doors/Hall of fame inductions

What is the Doors net worth?

Jim MorrisonNet Worth:$20 MillionHeight:5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)Profession:Writer, Singer, Poet, Film director, Songwriter, Musician, Actor, Film Score Composer, ScreenwriterNationality:United States of AmericaLast Updated:20202 more rows

Who owns the rights to The Doors music?

Publishing rights to Doors songs are owned jointly by the Morrison Estate and ex-Doors, Ray Manzarek, John Densmore and Robby Krieger. Manzarek met with Pamela and agreed not to sell the song. Jim Morrison tried to protect her with his will, in which he bequeathed everything to Pamela.