Quick Answer: Does Jeff Jampol Manage Michael Jackson?

What is Jeff Jampol net worth?

What is Jeff Jampol’s Net Worth.

His net worth is $18 million..

Who manages Janis Joplins?

“I would have needed a fatal level of opiates, because my tolerance was so high,” recalls the 57-year-old founder of West Hollywood-based Jampol Artist Management, whose eight full-time employees promote and manage the estates of such acts as The Doors, The Ramones, Janis Joplin, Otis Redding and Muddy Waters.

How tall is Jeff Jampol?

Jeff Jampol has an impressive height of 188 cm or 6’2” feet inches. Along with great height, he weighs 79 kg and 174 lbs. In September 2020, he will turn 61 years old.

Who is Tana dating?

Tana Mongeau sparked rumors that she had started up a new relationship with Too Hot To Handle’s Francesca Farago on Thursday night. The 22-year-old YouTuber and the 26-year-old reality star spent the night out at a birthday party dinner for makeup artist Cole Carrigan at West Hollywood’s BOA Steakhouse.

Who is Tana Mongeau’s dad?

Tana Mongeau was born on June 24, 1998, to Rick and Rebecca Mongeau in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she was raised. While on MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21, Tana said that her parents lacked parenting skills which caused her to have a strained childhood.

Who manages the doors after death?

After Morrison’s death, Siddons continued to manage the remaining members of the Doors as they released two albums and toured. In 1972 he parted company with the Doors (latterly renamed as the Butts Band).

Is Jeff Jampol Tana sugar daddy?

However, that’s far from the most unusual predicament Tana has ever found herself in. In 2018, she got herself a sugar daddy — who happened to be none other than award-winning producer Jeff Jampol.

Who was the doors manager?

Daniel Stephen SugermanDaniel Stephen Sugerman (October 11, 1954 – January 5, 2005) was the second manager of the Los Angeles-based rock band the Doors. He wrote several books about Jim Morrison and the Doors, including No One Here Gets Out Alive (co-authored with Jerry Hopkins), and the autobiography Wonderland Avenue.

Why the doors got fired from Whiskey a Go Go?

On August 21, 1966, Jim Morrison didn’t show up for The Doors gig at the Whisky a Go Go. After playing the first set without him, the band retrieved Morrison from his apartment, where he had been tripping on acid. … Mother, I want to f–k you!” The crowd went nuts, but the band was fired right after the show.

Who manages dead artists like the Beatles?

Jeff JampolMusicians’ estates can be managed effectively, or run into the ground. That’s why people call Jeff Jampol, who specializes in managing the performers that the music business calls legacy acts and that the general public refers to as dead people.

What was the doors biggest hit?

Track listingNo.TitleOriginal album1.”Hello, I Love You”Waiting for the Sun (1968)2.”Light My Fire”The Doors (1967)3.”People Are Strange”Strange Days (1967)4.”Love Me Two Times”Strange Days1 more row