Quick Answer: What To Say To A Dying Person?

What to say when visiting a dying person?

Do say – “It’s good to see you.” Let them know you have been thinking of them.

At a loss for words – It’s okay to say, “Mary, I don’t know what to say or do, but I am here and I care about you.” Listen – If the person talks about being anxious, listen quietly.

Don’t try to change the subject or silence the person..

How do you comfort a dying person?

Supporting emotional needs Your physical presence — sitting quietly or holding hands — can be soothing and reassuring. You can also arrange visits with people the dying person wants to see for saying goodbyes or sharing memories. Or you can arrange calls with or share messages from those who can’t visit.

What not to say to someone who is dying?

What not to say to someone who is dyingDon’t ask ‘How are you?’ … Don’t just focus on their illness. … Don’t make assumptions. … Don’t describe them as ‘dying’ … Don’t wait for them to ask.

Should you touch a dying person?

Your touch does not have to be a firm or strong one, a light gentle touch will do. Gentle stroking movements of their arms or their hair can also be very soothing. If there can be no touching, simply sitting close by and just being there for your loved one can be reassuring for them.