Quick Answer: Who Is Jake Paul’S Wife?

Does Jake Paul have a wife?

YOUTUBE star Jake Paul’s wife, Tana Mongeau, says that she lost herself in their relationship.

The 21-year-old content creator – who wed Paul in August, but later revealed that the ceremony was not legally binding, admits that she’s not in the honeymoon period with her 22-year-old husband..

Is Jake Paul and Tana really married?

YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul got married last month in a Las Vegas wedding costing $500,000. In a video posted Monday, Mongeau said that the wedding itself wasn’t legally binding on paper, but that the relationship between the couple is real.

Did Jake and Tana break up?

The YouTube stars Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul have ended their relationship after a turbulent nine months. The pair went public with their romance in April, then had a very public wedding in July, but have now announced they are taking a break.

Who is Logan Paul’s girlfriend?

YouTuber Logan Paul Buys Girlfriend Josie Canseco a Horse: ‘She Said She Wanted’ One.

Who is Erika costell dating now?

Jake Paul 2017-2018 Costell began dating her fellow Team 10 Youtuber in 2017. Fans believed the two were more than friends for a while, but they kept denying the rumors. They finally confirmed their relationship and it’s been cute songs, Instagram posts and vlogs ever since. They even fake got married.

Who is Jake Paul’s ex wife?

Tana MongeauWhen YouTube vloggers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau announced earlier this year that they were “taking a break” from their five-month-long open marriage, which may or may not have been fake, I let out a long, purifying sigh. For nearly eight months, knowledge of this troubling relationship had festered in my mind.

Who is Jake Paul’s new girlfriend?

Julia RoseOnly 6 months ago Jake Paul got married to Tana Mongeau in Las Vegas. Now Paul is dating Julia Rose, a viral World Series flasher. They were first seen together in Miami for Paul’s boxing match. According to News, Rose supported her boyfriend all week ahead of the competition and at events.

Why did Jake and Erika break up?

In a lengthy letter on Twitter, Jake, 21, revealed the couple broke up a few weeks ago, after trying their “best to work it out and find a solution.” He went on to explain the reasoning behind the split, adding, “After many discussions and some serious soul searching, it became apparent to us weeks ago that we could no …

Who is richer Jake or Logan?

In 2018, Jake Paul was Forbes’ second-highest-earning YouTuber, bringing in an estimated $21.5 million. Logan Paul was No. 10 last year, earning an estimated $14.5 million.

Is Jake Paul still married to Erika costell?

YouTubers Jake Paul and Erika Costell have broken up. Jake announced the split in a statement on Twitter, saying “it is the healthiest thing for both of us” but Erika hasn’t said anything publicly yet. The couple, who have the nickname Jerika, have been together for around seven months.