Quick Answer: Who Is The Most Educated Rapper?

Who was the first ever rapper?

DJ Kool HercOne of the first rappers at the beginning of the hip hop period, at the end of the 1970s, was also hip hop’s first DJ, DJ Kool Herc.

Herc, a Jamaican immigrant, started delivering simple raps at his parties, which some claim were inspired by the Jamaican tradition of toasting..

Which rapper has a Phd?

Sean P. Diddy received an honorary doctorate degree from Howard University.

Who has the lowest IQ in the world?

The lowest recorded IQ scores are found in sub-Saharan African countries such as Somalia (68), Sudan (71), and Ethiopia (69).

Who has highest IQ in world?

Marilyn vos SavantMarilyn vos Savant Marilyn vos Savant was born in 1946 in Missouri. In 1986 the columnist and author made history when she was named in The Guinness Book of World Records as the person possessing the highest IQ, with a reported score of 228.

Which rapper went to college?

Wale attended Robert Morris University, Virginia State University and Bowie State University. Jermaine Cole, better known by his stage name, J. Cole, attended St.

Who is the greatest rapper of all time 2020?

15 best rappers in the world right now in 2020Tupac. 2pac. 2pac Verified. … The Notorious B.I.G. thenotoriousbig. thenotoriousbig Verified. … Eminem. eminem. eminem Verified. … Kendrick Lamar. kendricklamar. kendricklamar Verified. … Jay-Z. jayzz_official. jayzz_official. … Nas. Instagram. Instagram. … Drake. champagnepapi. champagnepapi Verified. … Lil Wayne. liltunechi. liltunechi Verified.More items…•

What rapper has the largest vocabulary?

EminemEminem topped the musical vocabulary list, using almost 9,000 unique words in his songs.

Which language has the largest vocabulary?

EnglishThe biggest vocabulary? [English] certainly has the largest vocabulary … by a long, long, long long, way. Rather as China is to the rest of the world in population, English is in the population of its words.

Is Lil pump a Harvard student?

Despite the misspelled title of his new album, Lil Pump did not drop out of Harvard. He never went to Harvard. Hell, the 18-year-old never even went to any college, since he never finished high school. … “Lil Pump is not speaking at any commencement related or other official University events.

Who has attended Harvard?

25 most famous Harvard students of all timeBarack Obama. US President Barack Obama entered Harvard Law School in 1988 and eventually became the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. … Al Gore. … Ben Bernanke. … Bill Gates. … Conan O’Brien. … Dean Norris. … Franklin Delano Roosevelt. … George W Bush.More items…•

Who is king of rap?

EminemEminem has been crowned the King of Hip-Hop by Rolling Stone. The magazine took a look at solo rappers who released albums from 2009 to the present, taking into account album sales, rankings on the R&B/hip-hop and rap charts, YouTube video views, social media, concerts grosses, awards and critics’ opinions.

What words do rappers use?

For example, noise of the year ”skrrt” is among the top ten words that characterize Migos, Kodak Black, and Lil Yachty.Kodak: outchea. finessing. vibing. skrilla. haitian. splurging. broccoli. skrrt. hunnids. … Lil Yachty: skrrt. woah. drip. guap. bankroll. boat. perry. flexing. … Migos: bando. dab. savages. finessing. actavis. ranch. skrrt. pans.

What do rappers read?

Rappers recommend books”Eye Of The Hurricane by Rubin Carter.”Quincy Jones’ autobiography Q is very good. … “I have an obsession with books about kids with Asperger’s syndrome. … “Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.Rich Dad, Poor Dad was the first that made me think differently – I read the whole series.More items…•

Who is the most intelligent rapper?

Aesop RockMeet Aesop Rock, the most intelligent rapper to have ever lived.

Which rapper went to Harvard?

Swizz Beats graduated from Harvard a few weeks ago but another famous rapper just graduated from Harvard as well. Give it up for LL Cool J!

What is Lil Wayne’s IQ?

96Lil Wayne IQ is estimated of 96.

What rapper went to Stanford?

rapper K.FlayStanford-educated rapper K. Flay gets her big breakthrough – SFChronicle.com.

Does Drake have a college degree?

Jewish day schoolForest Hill Collegiate InstituteVaughan Road AcademyDrake/Education

How did Dr Dre die and when?

Entertainment News. LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The 20-year-old son of veteran rapper Dr. Dre died in August from an overdose of heroin and morphine, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office said on Friday. Andre Young Jr was found dead by his mother at his Los Angeles home after spending a night out with friends.

What is Snoop Dogg’s IQ?

Snoop Dogg is rumored to have an IQ of 147, which would qualify him as a genius!

Who is the top 5 richest rappers?

Here are the 25 richest rappers in the world:Drake.Usher. Net Worth: $180 Million. … Master P. Net Worth: $200 Million. … Eminem.Dr. Dre.Sean Combs (Diddy) Net Worth: $885 Million. … Jay Z. Net Worth: $1 Billion. … Kanye West. Net Worth: $3.2 Billion.More items…