Who Is The Most Badass Actor?

Who is the most difficult actor to work with?

Without further delay, here are 15 Difficult Actors That Nobody Wants To Work With.8 Lindsay Lohan.

7 January Jones.

6 William Shatner.

5 Chevy Chase.

4 Dustin Hoffman.

3 Russell Crowe.

2 Gwyneth Paltrow.

1 Edward Norton.More items…•.

Is Jason Statham tough in real life?

Jason Statham swears he is not a tough guy – he just plays one on screen. He tries to convince Life! of this while talking about his new film, The Expendables 3, in which he plays, well, a professional tough guy. It is a bit hard to believe him, though.

Who is the most famous person actor?

The 10 most famous actorsJohnny Depp | PrettyFamous.Ben Affleck | PrettyFamous.Clint Eastwood | PrettyFamous.Kevin Spacey | PrettyFamous.Robert De Niro | PrettyFamous.Brad Pitt | PrettyFamous.Tom Hanks | PrettyFamous.Leonardo DiCaprio | PrettyFamous.More items…•

Who is the hottest Marvel actor?

Hottest: Marvel ActorsChris Hemsworth. 430. 2K.Chris Evans. 504. 2K.Robert Downey Jr. 701. 1.6K.Tom Hiddleston. 807. 1.5K.Chris Pratt. 784. 1.5K.Sebastian Stan. 794. 1.5K.Aaron Taylor Johnson. 813. 1.3K.Hugh Jackman. 847. 1.2K.More items…•

Which actors can actually fight?

Today, Evolve Daily shares 8 celebrities who can actually fight in real life.1) Wesley Snipes. BLACK BELT TELEVISION. Subscribe. … 2) Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato. 16.4M subscribers. … 3) Chris Hemsworth. BEYARD GAMEING. 69 subscribers. … 4) Henry Cavill. Tom Lynn Jr. … 7) Mario Lopez. Discover The Fights. … 8) Jason Statham. tahir agayev.

Who is the strongest actor?

With a worldwide career box office of $4.4 billion, Will Smith is now the most powerful actor in Hollywood, followed by Johnny Depp and Ben Stiller.