Who Was The Worst Confederate General?

Who is the greatest general in history?

Ancient Macedonians didn’t have sideburn regulations, apparently.Napoleon Bonaparte.

Yes, you might have guessed by now, but the number one spot belongs to l’Empereur.Julius Caesar.

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.

Takeda Shingen.

Khalid Ibn al-Walid.

Hannibal Barca.

Ulysses S.

Frederick the Great.

More items….

Who was the best military general of all time?

The 7 best military commanders of all time, according to Napoleon BonaparteJulius Caesar (100 BC-44 BC).Hannibal Barca (247 bc-183 bc). … Henri de La Tour d’Auvergne, vicomte de Turenne (1611-1675). … Frederick the Great (1712-1786). … Gustavus Adolphus (1594-1632). … Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736). … More items…•

Who has won the most battles in history?

The top five most victorious generals throughout history have been: Napoleon Bonaparte, the Duke of Wellington, Khalid ibn al-Walid, Julius Caesar, and Alexander the Great. It’s worth noting that the list doesn’t factor in whether generals also lost many battles.

Who led the Confederate Army?

President, Jefferson DavisThe army did not have a formal overall military commander, or general in chief, until late in the war. The Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, himself a former U.S. Army officer and U.S. Secretary of War, served as commander-in-chief and provided the strategic direction for Confederate land and naval forces.

Who had better generals North or South?

Explanation: The south had much better leadership during the America Civil War than the North. Generals such as Robert E. Lee , Stonewall Jackson, and J. E. B. Stuart were well trained, skilled generals, contrasting to the inefeective generals of the North.

Who was the greatest Confederate general?

Robert E. LeeIn particular, the Confederates have been the most popular topics of Civil War history, Foremost among the South’s generals were the icons of the Army of Northern Virginia, led by Robert E. Lee and his most trusted subordinates, James Longstreet, Stonewall Jackson, and JEB Stuart.

Who is the most famous general in history?

John J. Pershing: As American Expeditionary Force commander (1917- 19), Pershing insisted that his 3 million-man army fight under U.S. command. He (and George Washington) rose to America’s highest military rank, general of the armies.

Who were the best soldiers in history?

Top 10 Greatest Warrior Groups in HistoryKnights (3rd Century AD–15th Century AD) … Kamikaze Pilots (October 1944–15 August 1945) … Gurkhas (1815 AD–Present) … Ninjas (12th Century AD–1868 AD) … The Spartans (6th Century BC–4th Century BC) … British SAS (1 July 1941–Present) … Maori Warriors (1280 AD–1872 AD) … Mongol Warriors (1206 AD–1687 AD)More items…•

Who was Hitler’s best general?

Marshal Erich von Manstein648 pp. 16 color maps. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2010. No major biography of Field Marshal Erich von Manstein has appeared in English until now, though he was the greatest German general of World War II—and probably the greatest of all the war’s leaders.

What was the most brutal army in history?

What Was the Biggest, Most Powerful Military in Human History?Roman Army. The army conquered a huge region. … Macedonian Army. It was extremely organized. … Mongol Army. The soldiers were disciplined and innovative. … Ottoman Army. Soldiers received training starting when they were young. … Nazi German Army. It employed innovative techniques. … Soviet (or Red) Army. … United States.

Who was the last Confederate general to die?

John McCausland, Jr.John McCauslandJohn McCausland, Jr.BornSeptember 13, 1836 St Louis, Missouri, U.S.DiedJanuary 22, 1927 (aged 90) Point Pleasant, West Virginia, U.S.BuriedHenderson, West Virginia, U.S.AllegianceConfederate States of America7 more rows

Who was the worst general in the Civil War?

Gideon Pillow [CS] Gideon Pillow’s friendship with James Polk won him a generalship in the United States Army under Winfield Scott during the Mexican War. … Benjamin Butler [US] … John A. … George McClellan. … Braxton Bragg. … Ambrose Burnside [US] … John Bell Hood. … Don Carlos Buell [US]More items…

Who was the South’s greatest general?

General Robert E. LeeThe most famous of them is General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, probably the best known Confederate commander after General Robert E. Lee.

Who was the youngest general in US history?

Uriah Galusha PennypackerUriah Galusha Pennypacker (June 1, 1841/1844 – October 1, 1916) was a Union general during the American Civil War. He may be the youngest person to hold the rank of brigadier general in the US Army; at the age of 20, he remains the only general too young to vote for the president who appointed him.

Why did the South lose the Civil War?

The South lost the war because the North and Abraham Lincoln were determined to win it. Historian and author of ten books about the war. The South lost because it had inferior resources in every aspect of military personnel and equipment.

Which general won the Civil War?

Ulysses S. GrantUlysses S. Grant was the most acclaimed Union general during the American Civil War and was twice elected President.

Was McClellan a bad general?

He served as the 24th Governor of New Jersey from 1878 to 1881; he eventually became a writer, and vigorously defended his Civil War conduct. Most historians have judged that McClellan was a poor battlefield general.

Who was the only 5 star general in US history?

Henry H. ArnoldHenry H. Arnold also holds the distinction as the only person to ever achieve the 5-star rank in two branches of the U.S. Armed Forces: Of note is the grade of “General of the Armies of the United States”, a position held by only two persons in American history – George Washington and John J. Pershing.

What was the worst military defeat in US history?

American and Filipino forces, commanded by General Douglas MacArthur, were isolated and overrun after five months of continuous combat despite advanced warning of attack after Pearl Harbor. It is generally considered the largest defeat in US history, with over 100,000 Allied troops captured.

Who was the youngest Confederate general?

William Paul Roberts23, 1865, at the age of 23, William Paul Roberts was promoted to brigadier general, backdated to Feb. 21, and became the Confederacy’s youngest general officer.